Every child deserves an education.


Our goal is to do all we can to make Faith Special Education School in Addis Ababa continue to serve the needs of children with disabilities. 


Disability is found in every society and in every country. Ethiopia is no exception. A 2006 study showed that the percentage of those who identified with disabilities in Ethiopia was 1.5%; However, the same report indicated that up to 10% of any given population have disabilities. Thus, they are often underreported and overlooked.

We believe this special education school gives opportunities to children who are often overlooked or even shunned, giving them their best chance to reach their full potential. It also gives these children a visibility in society that they currently lack, allowing them to become cared-for members of the community. Through the long-term process of Christian education, Faith School is poised to greatly impact the lives of persons with disabilities, and the community around them.


We're seeking to sustain this new school. But we can't do it without you. Will you help us on this journey?