The U.S. Board includes these members:  Vinnie Adams (Indiana), Larryl Humme (Illinois), Bob Ippel (New Mexico), and Linda Kamps and Rick Hamilton (both from Michigan).  Volunteers Getenet Timmermans and Steve Timmermans assist the Board in its work.

EthioFaith has been incorporated as led by its board in the U.S. and has received its charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service.


There is a parallel board in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  It conforms to government requirements there.  The board there includes leaders such as Rev. Woyita Olla, the Deputy General Secretary of the Kale Heywet Church--the largest protestant church in Ethiopia.  Also, a graphic designer in Addis Ababa, Dawit Tolessa Kelecha, serves on this board with other community leaders in ministry, education, and social services.


Getenet and his siblings own a home in Addis Ababa.  Added to the site has been an extension which is the new school with three classrooms and an office.  Also, bathrooms are at the end of the building.

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